Saturday, January 5, 2013


A collection of some photos from myself and my travel buddy Matt, over three months spent in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.  They are a bit out of order, but hopefully you can get the idea and enjoy a bit of the adventure as well

Trailhead to Volcan Misti

Bull butchering day

Pancake breakfast at 12,000 feet

Tombstone of Pablo Escobar, Cocaine King

Skinning the bull

dried ant, think taste of old coffee grounds with consistency of sunflower seeds.

Climbing Volcan Misti in the night

Otovallo Market vendors

road to Machu Pichu

Shrunken head

backpacking through El Cocuy national park

Market in Villa de Leyva

Coconut chopping in Colombia

Fishermen in Taganga

waterfall in El Cocuy

Top of Volcan Misti: 19,101 feet

Bus rides on these roads are not for the faint of heart

Pre-colombian ruins, at the ceremonial sacrifice temple

Machu Pichu's citizens were fed by crops grown on terraces that stretched all the way to the valley below.  The soil was imported from the capital of Cusco

Matt's Birthday at the Mt. Pisco base refuge

This camping area was surprisingly bereft of lamas. 

Reed boats used by the fishermen of Trujio

Rope swing over the Amazon basin

More ruins

Donkey Francis helping us transport gravel to build the mini hydro-electric plant

Our guide, Edwin

The nights were so cold, I resorted to using the fur-like bark of a  dead freilejone plant for added insulation

Guinea pigs, or "Cuy" are a delicacy in Ecuador and Peru

Exploring some of the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu

Ecuadorian wedding

Helping out as a server and bartender at a local wedding in Ecuador

Edge of the World?

camping in the entrance of a cave

This hike yielded a less than spectacular view at the top

Matt uses a pedal powered washing machine while the bull hide dries

Building a mini hydro-electric on the farm

Matt enjoying some South American football

The thumb-war champions of Guyanne village, Colombia

Hitching a ride on top of a gravel truck

Amazon basin

Cusco, capital of the former Inca Empire

Old Spanish fortress in Cartagena

high altitude hail

One of the poorer barios of Medellin, Colombia.  Formerly the murder capital of the world, more recently ranked as the 8th most dangerous

Villa de Leyva, Colombia

Mountain road

Cartagena, Colombia

The Andes

Dinner in the shelter of a small cave

Road to absolutely nowhere, as it turned out

The Carribean 

scuba diving

The work of one of Colombia's many cartels

New friends!

Don Elias showing how to roast freshly harvested and dried coffee beans

The Otovallo tribe of northern Ecuador is famous for their hand made weavings

Matt looking thoughtful by a large waterfall

Dinner in the amazon

Tumianuma at rush hour

2,000 year old pyramid in northern Peru

Regard for personal space or safety is usually checked at the door of most South American busses

Live Guinea pigs

Every thing is for sale at a Peruvian market

South American bridge crossings require balance and balls

The pass at over 15,000 feet

Climbing through a rock formation on our way up the mountain

A breathtaking view (and altitude) at base camp

“What is that feeling when you're driving away from people and they recede on the plain till you see their specks dispersing? - it's the too-huge world vaulting us, and it's good-bye. But we lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies.”
― Jack Kerouac, On the Road