Sunday, October 21, 2012


After leaving Cartagena and the Caribbean coast behind, Matt and I have been making tracks south towards the Ecuador border.  After a stop in Medellin, where we took a tour of the famous drug wars of the 80s and 90s led by the Cocaine King, Pablo Escobar, we are now in the center of the Colombian coffee region.
Stairs climbing out of Salento


New Friends!

Medellin building car-bombed by the Cali Cartel during the cocaine wars of Pablo Escobar

Magazine article about recent violence in Villa de Leyva.  That was the first town we visited after Bogota

Ever wonder what ripe coffee beans look like?

Don Elias showing us the coffee making process on his farm

And a fresh cup of coffee at the plantation!

Soccer practice getting started between the old Spanish fortress and the Caribbean in Cartagena
Graffiti in a poor neighborhood of Medellin
^Tribute to the community victims of the conflict^

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