Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Colombian adventures continued

Old colonial town of Cartagena
And the new city of Cartagena, as viewed from the 17th century fortress guarding the port
trying out some latino flair and style
The small Carribean coastal village of Taganga
Some tunnel exploration
perfecting my coconut husking technique to enjoy a refreshing drink on the beach
never to early for Christmas bears here in Colombia!
hanging out with the local kids in the tiny village of Guyane
The San Filipe fortress in Cartagena
what appears to be large cow tongues in the grocery store, should I try it?
Enjoying a much needed all american breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and eggs after six days of camp food in El Cocuy
Trying scuba diving for the first time, so much fun!
Sun going down over Cartagena, Panama is out there somewhere!
Getting some altitude in the El Cocuy national park with expert local guide, Edwin
A high altitude hidden valley

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