Wednesday, September 26, 2012

South America Adventures Week 1

Well, it´s been one week so far in Colombia and I´m still alive!  Mostly that´s thanks to my University of Vermont friend Matt Buckley, who is the only one of us who can communicate with the locals in Spanish.  We have be been to Bogota, Villa de Leyva, and San Gil so far, with an epic six day mountain trek planned in the next week or so.  While we are still completely mystified by the incomprehensible bus system, and are unable to make much progress with our bartering skills, we have successfully been able to sleep, eat, and travel without breaking our shoe string budget.
Below are some photos that I´ve taken so far, despite my utter lack of photographic skill.  Hopefully that (as well as my non existent Spanish) will improve in the days ahead!

Day 1, acclimatization be darned, Matt and I hiked the first big mountain we saw to well over 10,000 feet. 

My introduction to paragliding.  My instructor, called "Monkey", assured me he was "mucho loco", and granted my request for extra spins and dives, before flying through a tree.  Good thing they don´t waste time with safety instruction or waivers.
Paragliding through the clouds

playing the local Colombian game of "Tejoh". Heaving heavy metal objects at mud filled with gunpowder explosives while drinking cheap beer, what´s not to love?

the Gold museum in Bogota was full of truckloads of ancient South American gold work

Down the hatch; dried ants

looking down the stomach turning drop at the Angel Step near Santa Sofia

Noticed we had a passenger up top when I spotted this leg hanging down from the bus roof.

A three hour bus trip turns into much more when we are sent via the very scenic and out of the way route, followed by mechanical troubles.

"Colombia cycling team; inspired by climbing". Plenty of climbing to be had up here!

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