Sunday, December 19, 2010

college semester, getting back in the swing of things

Whew it's been a little while since I last posted! Over the past few months I made the surprising discovery that college can actually be a lot of work, and I had to quickly learn some lessons in college work efficiency. I also had a 40+ minute commute each way to school every day since I lived at home in order to avoid housing costs at UVM (if anybody has any pull with the high-ups there who set the cost of living in a space about the size of a large kitchen table, please use it!). I remedied this problem by bringing a sleeping bag and sleeping in the back of the car from time to time. Generally, I'm not real proud of the status symbol of driving my mom's minivan, but it turns out to be a great vehicle for sleeping in when the back seets are out. After the cold weather hit and vagrancy ordinances posed problems to my parking-lot abode, I was graciously put up by various members of UVM cycling and other friends at school or in the Burlington area.

Obviously I was very excited for the opportunity to go to school for the semester, and enjoyed all of my classes. However, I have to say that the relief I felt on finishing my last exam tuesday evening and walking away knowing that I had no more assignments due was something amazing, to say the least. Besides courseload, the other difficulty was the snow that made my training roads its home over the past few weeks. After having returned from rides completely covered with snow and both brakes and gears frozen in ice, I realized that a change in the climate was definitely necessary. I am quite happy now to be taking the spring semester off from school to focus undistractedly on my upcoming race season with the Garmin u23 program. I am now down in Connecticut training with my friend Paul Lynch for a week, and after Christmas I'm planning on going to Arizona for some training before kicking off the race season.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!!


  1. anytime you have to sleep in your van, you can crash at our place, very close to UVM and we are huge cycling enthusiasts. Our oldest is away at college and has a private room with bathroom. Skip sleeping in your family van. Great results so far in Gabon.

    363 9253, katharine alan, char (in college) Tor, sylvie in the south end of burlington, would love to have you.

  2. Hey Thanks a lot, next year I'll be sure and give you guys a call sometime!