Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Activities/ Start of the season

Being a cyclist in the Vermont winter has its advantages and disadvantages. The major disadvantage being the snow-covered roads and trainer time. Advantages, however, include skiing and sledding and other things that Vermonters use to pass the winter months. Add into that my New Year's Day Polar Plunge and winter can be downright breath taking in these parts. Skiing with my school team, I learned (sort of) how to classical ski in addition to my preferred discipline of skating. My excitement for speed was unfortunately not matched by any kind of skill on skis, and I generally spent a lot of time in snow banks and such. Never the less, I was able to ski most of the season with the team and have a great time.

After finishing up my senior year of school, I finally left the snow and frostbite of the Vermont winter behind and headed south for some beautiful spring weather to train in. Wait a minute, never mind. I arrived at the house of my 2009 teammate Nate Brown, in Covington Tennessee, amid the second snowstorm in as many weeks and freezing temperatures. I just can't win...

Despite the less than anticipated temperatures, I have been enjoying my time at the Brown's home, and been getting my riding legs back under me. Nate's younger brother, Jonny and I have been fighting out a desperate battle to win the sprints to the green mailbox at the end of each ride. We have also tried unsuccessfully to catch some fish in the pond. Amid all the excitement, I am being acclimatized to southern culture. I will be here until the 9th, when I leave for a track camp and a short stage race in LA.

My last season as a junior racer is getting rolling now, and I am excited to make it a memorable one!