Friday, November 13, 2009

the thrilling life of a cyclist in offseason

My offseason life has been pretty uneventful thus far, mostly school work, trainer time, and getting in college applications. That and getting those dreadful SAT's finally done with. I had surgery about a month and half ago to take the metal out of my leg, and have just been slowly getting back into the swing of things as far as "training" is concerned. Unfortunately, I think I've missed most of the late fall outdoor riding, but who knows, there might still be some warm days to come!
I spent thursday and friday at the UVM campus, staying with some of my cycling friends there. I got the tour and sat in on some classes and we went for a couple short rides. I also got my first parking ticket (just a warning actually) for not having a student permit for the car, so it's good to know I've got a bad reputation at a college before I ever attend!
I did some hunting this weekend, but it seems to me that all the deer in the area are pretty safe, and I haven't had any luck. Eric got one on youth weekend, so I really would like to get a bigger one than he got.
The cold weather also means skiing; and I'm looking forward to going up to Mount Saint Anne's near Quebec City with the ski team soon. I should probably be waxing my skis by now, but I'll probably end up waiting to the last minute. I also need to avoid becoming permanently stuck in any snowbanks while I am up there.
Oh and our Springer Spaniel, Molly, is getting better and better at finding food that she's not supposed to find, including some pizza I had been saving.
As you can tell, my offseason is a really exciting time, full of thrilling stories. I'll stop wasting your time now. If I get a deer bigger than Eric's I'll let you know.

P.S. I also designed a pretty sweet killer pumpkin.

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