Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First Post!

So I've finally started a blog, whether or not I'll keep it updated remains to be seen; but I'll give it my best shot! Right now the biggest thing going on is the start of the racing season, and after an extremely difficult winter spent healing from a triple open fractured femur; I'm more than ready to get down to racing! I've done four races so far, and am happy to see that my leg is still attatched and functioning. Right now I am using a small crash pad under my shorts to protect the metal in my leg and hip. Besides looking like I have a very unusual lump on my leg; I enjoy some peace of mind about the possibility of future crashes.

Right now, I am "enjoying" the Vermont spring time, or more accurately, wishing it would stop snowing long enough to get some good training in. My next big race is The Tour of the Battenkill on April 18th, and I am hoping to return to Europe to race again as well. Now I can congratulate myself for just finishing my first blog!
thanks for reading.

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